Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It is now 2 hours and 13 minutes into the new year. My, time does pass quickly. I feel words on my tongue waiting to tumble out but at the moment they are escaping me... Do you know what it is like to taste the words in your mouth and yet when it comes time to say them there is suddenly nothing there?
Maybe I can tell you something of me. I am an artist and musician. To me that is like saying a square is a rectangle, somewhat redundant and yet it must be stated for it to be known. A musician is an artist. There music is a creation. Each musician has there own little touch, something that sets them apart. You could hand every musician a piece of music and tell them to play it and every one would sound slightly different. I love the creativeness that comes with being an artist.
Besides being a musician I am also a photographer.
I love capturing beauty, expression, and movement. My favorite things to photograph are nature and people, and the nature of people. I like seeing the little things that get missed by others. The bee, the flower, the expression on a face. I also like to look at things in different ways. Sometimes I take common place objects or old rusty junk and I challenge myself to make it look attractive.
In this picture I knelt down in a cornfield that had been harvested. The corn stalks were ragged, brown, and destroyed. Yet when I saw this picture I didn't see any of that. I saw a wispy, forlorn and somehow beautiful frame around a colorful sunset.
God gave us many gifts in the form of the beautiful world He created for us. I love finding those things that even I miss more often than not. When I get behind the lens God seems to point things out and say, "Look at that. Isn't it amazing!" Please remember that God finds beauty in everything. He makes the best of every situation. He wants to help us through the rough times. He takes away the old and makes new. That old cornstalk eventually was plowed into the soil and new crops were planted. Each year that field turns a beautiful, lively, green. Some years I look out and see the corn stalks standing tall and proud. High above my head, reaching toward the heavens. As the breeze rustles there leaves, I hear there praises to the God who gave them this moment. And I know that even in there death they feed others and give them life. God does seem to have a way of working things out!

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